Each year we take a new show out of The Shed and into Primary Schools around Canterbury! Melding important messages with the magic of theatre, these shows excite, inspire and reignite the fun of learning in our local young people. 

The 2019 show was O Le Malaga Fa'a'Atua (The Journey of the Gods)

Duration: 19 August - 13 September

Location: Touring Canterbury Primary Schools

Price: $5.00 per child

Created and Directed by Y|NOT Theatre Collective


Inspired by classic myths and legends from Tonga, Samoa and Aotearoa, O Le Malaga Fa’a’Atua (The Journey of the Gods) follows demi-God Maui’s quest to prove himself worthy of becoming a fully-fledged God. Full of original music for children to learn and love, this multi-lingual production celebrates striving to be the best person you can be – God or not. 

The Court Theatre toured O Le Malaga Fa’a’Atua (The Journey of the Gods) to Canterbury primary schools from 19 August 2019 - 13 September 2019, with performances at 9.30am and 2pm Monday-Friday. Tickets were $5.00 (inclusive of GST) per child (no charge for teachers) and a minimum booking of 100 children was needed.

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