O Le Toa

The Warrior


For The Court Theatre 2023 Primary Schools Tour, The Court Theatre will be touring O Le Toa, a brand-new piece of bilingual Pasifika theatre.

O Le Toa is an adaptation of Fāgogo / Pūrākau (myths and legends) from across Te Moananui-a-Kiwa.

Loa, the guardian of Measina, has spent years searching for a Toa to deliver a sacred treasure to the Tufuga. Nua, a simple village girl, is determined to prove that even though she was not born a Toa, she can complete this task. Nua faces many challenges, including Fa’ase’e, the trickster, who tries to claim the treasure as his own.

O Le Toa features music, movement and language from around the Pacific, and some familiar characters from other well-known Myths and Legends.

  • Toa - Warrior
  • Measina -Treasure
  • Nua - Inspired by Nafanua, the Warrior Goddess
  • Fa’ase’e - Inspired by Māui the trickster Demi-god
  • Loa - Inspired by Tagaloa, God of the Moana


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