O Le Toa

The Warrior

For The Court Theatre 2023 Primary Schools Tour, The Court Theatre will be touring O Le Toa, a brand-new piece of bilingual Pasifika theatre.

Long ago, three guardians – Nafa the Shark, Nua the Turtle, and Fe'e the Octopus – protected the ocean and all of its inhabitants. Until one night, a mysterious creature steals Nua's enchanted shell and Nafa's magic spear. To make matters worse, their companion Fe'e is nowhere to be found... 

Filled with determination, Nua and Nafa embark on a quest to distant and unfamiliar lands like Langi and Pulotu. Their mission: rescue their missing friend and reclaim their lost powers before time runs out!

O Le Toa features singing, movement and language from around the Pacific, and some familiar characters from other well-known Myths and Legends.

  • Toa - Warrior
  • Nafa & Nua - broken up from the word Nafanua, the warrior goddess
  • Fe'e - inspired by the story of the octopus that connects all the islands in the pacific
  • Langi - Samoan word for Heaven
  • Pulotu - The pacific underworld


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