Twin sisters Tilafaiga and Taeme have been given the honour of taking the Tatau to the people of the Pacific – but cunning shapeshifter Fa’ase’e is following them and wants their treasure for himself! In this magical multi-lingual production, the children of Canterbury will be called upon to help our heroes complete their quest.

Duration: 3 August - 28 August 2020

Location: Touring Canterbury Primary Schools

Price: $6 per child

Created by Y|NOT Theatre Collective

Each year we take a new show out of The Shed and into Primary Schools around Canterbury! Melding important messages with the magic of theatre, these shows excite, inspire and reignite the fun of learning in our local young people. 

The Court Theatre will tour to Canterbury primary schools from 3 August - 28 August 2020, with performances at 9.30am and 2pm Monday-Friday. Tickets are $6 (inclusive of GST) per child (no charge for teachers) and a minimum booking of 100 children is needed.

Register your school for 2020

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