The Splendid Pretender

"The Art of Play" - One Day Workshop


What is the actor’s job, really? Even before touching the story, the script, the systems? The job of the actor is to play amongst strangers. Play. And to do it generously, with great skill, pleasure and freedom. 


Join two of New Zealand’s prominent theatre artists as they lead an exploration into the method and madness of playing for stage and screen. Tap your natural play instincts with tangible skills to be used again and again in the creation of new characters and original performance. Learn the peculiar physics of the stage and audience attention and how to work with them. Understand the role of games in making the actor’s work resonate. Leave notions of truth at the door and flirt with the pleasure of lies and disguises. Be a truly splendid pretender.  

“The Splendid Pretender is that deeply rare and rigorous type of acting training that is applicable in every moment of performance. Not only that, but true fun!”

- Splendid Pretender 2021 participant




Sunday 16th October at The Court Theatre. 10am -5pm. Cost- $80 per person.

Please bring plenty of water and comfortable clothes for moving. Bring snacks and there will be a lunch break (you can either bring lunch or go buy some)