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As the home of The Court Jesters, the improvisational masterminds behind Scared Scriptless we love to share the techniques of improvisation. All our classes are taught by present or past Court Jesters and are geared towards introducing participants to the skills and joys of improvisation.

"We were so lucky that we had The Court Theatre as a base. The best way to learn your craft is to do it. It totally formed me. I moved on from improv to stand up but it made me unafraid of what could happen on stage."

New Zealand Comedian Cal Wilson

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Advanced Improv with Dan Allan - The Director Mind

Monday 7:30pm -9:30pm

Advanced Improv - The Director Mind

Our Advanced Improv class is for those who are already confident and knowledgeable with the general concepts and techniques of improv and are looking to take it to the next level. You will be working with an experienced Improv Teaching Artist to explore advanced improv concepts as well as digging deeper to sharpen key skills and techniques.

Advanced Improv, Term 1, 2024

The Director Mind

Improvisors have (at least) three responsibilities when they create spontaneous theatre. They are not only responsible for acting in the scene, but also writing the story as they go. Whether they are conscious of it or not, improvisors are also making constant directorial decisions about how to stage the scene. This term will be focused on perhaps the least recognised of these three areas, the director mind. Daniel Allan, fresh from studying improv for his MFA at Otago University will lead the group through exercises in which they will both act and coach scenes to hone their director mind. Points of concentration include entrances and exits, uses of time and space, and finding contrast within and across scenes.

This class is for ages 18+. You must complete a term of Intro to Improv and have sought confirmation of readiness from the teaching artist of Intro to Improv to be eligible to join this programme.

$190 per Term (8 weeks)
Term One 2024 Monday12 February - Monday 8 April (No classes Easter Monday 1 April)
Improv showcase 8 April 8pm (7pm performer call time)

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