Improvisation Classes

As the home of The Court Jesters, the improvisational masterminds behind Scared Scriptless we love to share the techniques of improvisation. All our classes are taught by Court Jesters and are geared towards introducing participants to the skills and joys of improvisation.

"We were so lucky that we had The Court Theatre as a base. The best way to learn your craft is to do it. It totally formed me. I moved on from improv to stand up but it made me unafraid of what could happen on stage."

New Zealand Comedian Cal Wilson

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Advanced Improv - The Art of Improvised Storytelling

Thursday 7pm -9pm

The Art of Improvised Story-telling
Improvised acting is good for the mind and soul but, once we have a grasp of the basics of 'Yes and,' how do we create something more substantial? The answer might be to tell a good story. While there will still be a lot of laughs and confidence building as part of what we do, this is a course for people who want to take their improvisation further. Tutor Dan Allan will draw on 30 years of improvising, acting, directing and writing to teach and explore universal story structures. Students will apply these structures to their improvisation to create more intriguing, exciting, and satisfying scene work.

This class is for ages 18+.
If you are interested in registering for this class please email

$170 per Term (8 weeks)
Term 4 - Thursday 21st October - Thursday 9th December
Showcase on Tuesday 14 December 8pm with a call time of 7pm