For young people aged 15-21


Training with our YOUTH CREW provides the foundational skills required in different crew/design roles and often leads to casual employment or other opportunities at The Court Theatre. Students are taught by industry professionals and each term will focus on a different skill taught by a core teaching artist.

Sessions are held at The Court Theatre on Saturdays from 1pm -2:30pm and each Term block lasts for 8 sessions.


Term 2 - Costume Design with nephtalim antoine


Nephtalim Studied Costume design in Wellington and has experience as a bespoke tailor and fashion designer. Prior to working in TV and film, He worked along side his family who were costumiers and designers for the Caribbean community’s carnival in Canada, Trinidad & Tobago as well as Brazil.

In this 8 week course you will learn about the different facets and methods of costume design for theatre.

Explore the many choices and conversations involved in the design process that allow the costuming of a production to support the themes and aesthetic of the piece, as well as the practical considerations for actors. After learning about the process and researching successful design concepts, students will be challenged to create and present their own design concept while mentored throughout the different stages. 

Discover the depth of thought and exciting creativity that is used in the role of a costume designer and gain skills to further pursue this area of theatre work.

Programme Details:

  • Saturday 29th April - Saturday 17th June
  • 1pm -2:30pm
  • At The Court Theatre
  • Cost $150 (8 sessions)
  • Note that students are expected to provide their own stationary and basic art materials, such as pens, pencils, coloured pencils, and a notebook.