Riley Ed web

Riley is a passionate drama tutor who enjoys working creatively and being involved in the community. She gets inspired working with the next generation of performers and seeing the passion for the arts sparking up in others. She is a new addition to the education department and very excited about being able to further grow and share with others the amazing skills that our drama classes have to offer.

She is originally from Lower Hutt, Wellington and came to Christchurch in 2013 to study at NASDA. She completed her Bachelor of performing arts in musical theatre in 2015 and was involved in The Court Theatre’s production of Romeo and Juliet (2015). She then spent a year touring New Zealand and Australia performing at schools with NZ Playhouse.

She has a passion for music and plays the guitar. She also has a love for travel and spent a year and a half living in England working as an outdoor activity instructor and has spent time travelling South East Asia. In her spare time, she enjoys catching up with her friends, doing crosswords and is also a group fitness instructor.