Riley Harter The Court TheatreOur first public backstage tour for 2019 is coming up very shortly, on the 2nd March. For our Education Co-ordinator and Head Tutor Riley Harter, these tours are a little bit magical - find out why, below! 

Backstage tours are one my favourite things that we offer here at The Court Theatre.

We all get to see the mainstage magic when we attend a show, but how much do you know about what happens behind the scenes?

As the largest production house theatre in the South Island, I believe we offer a truly unique experience with a different twist every time a new show is on. Have you ever watched a show and thought to yourself ‘I wonder how they did that?’ Well, that’s where I step in!

As a tour guide at The Court Theatre I get to give you a glimpse of the backstage magic and share many tricks of the trade with other fellow passionate theatre goers. We have lots of different departments at The Court Theatre and there is an unbelievable amount of work and precision that goes into creating even the smallest of on-stage moments.

The Court Theatre Backstage Tour

Getting to share my passion of theatre and all the different areas of creating a production is such a joy. We offer public tours throughout the year to give people an opportunity to take a walk around the building and learn about its history and many other fun facts (which I won’t list any here because I wouldn’t want to give any spoilers!). 

It’s a good reminder that there is much more to putting on a production than just the actors we see in shows. For those interested in a job in this industry, it is a great insight to all the different areas and opportunities there are to get involved in our world. Whether you love costuming, want to be a stage manager or technician or simply love the theatre and magic of performance, I’d highly recommend this experience. At the very least, our dressing room lights offer an awesome selfie opportunity! 

To find out more and book a backstage tour, click here.