In this blog, Programmes Manager Rachel Sears looks back at the four weeks Aotearoa has spent in lockdown – and what it’s meant for The Court’s Education Programmesmaller colour headshot2

As we head into Level 3 next week, very little will change for us at the theatre. We won’t be working in a shared space, our students can’t return to their in-person classes yet and no one is attending any live events for the time being. But we’ve been working hard to create an online space for our students and have been amazed at what our community has achieved!

What are we missing…
  • Eye contact.
  • Hugs and physical play.
  • Genuine real time interactions without lag (I don’t have fibre)!
What are we loving…
  • Meeting students who have been on our waiting lists and are now taking the opportunity to get involved with our online programmes.
  • Learning new stuff – how to use zoom, how to edit simple videos, how much fun can be had with a simple game of creative fetch.
  • Remembering that at the heart of what we do is community. Even if we cannot do our craft as it works best, we can still come together, offer companionship, and share laughter.

We are starting to think about our new normal and asking what will we keep and cherish from this time in lockdown. I am loving the ability to connect to a national and even international network of educators and creators. The online Zui with PAPYA (Performing Arts and Young People in Aotearoa) members was a reminder of how many awesome individuals and organisations are out there doing fantastic work, getting creative with and for children and young people.

We’re feeling so much aroha and respect for the secondary school drama teaching community. I can’t imagine having to get to grips with all this and hold the pressure of examinations and assessments – you are doing wonderful things for your students.

As we all come to grips with this new normal, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you need help, want information on our online opportunities or want to share some theatrical fun you and your whānau have been up to! You can reach us at