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An award winning entertainer with a love for carnival tradition, Lizzie performs around the world at events as diverse as the Dubai International Comedy Festival, Rugby World Cup, Edinburgh Fringe and World Buskers Festival.

For six years she was a member of The Court Jesters in New Zealand’s longest running comedy show, Scared Scriptless. As an actor, Lizzie has performed in main stage productions at The Court Theatre, Fortune Theatre, The Loons Circus Theatre Company, and with Generation Z as well as touring Australia with New Zealand Playhouse. She is also a motivational speaker at Universities around the UK and Australasia with the Ideas Agency. Lizzie delights in a wide range of audiences – from the infamous Hunter Square pitch on the streets of Edinburgh through to the last two Prime Ministers of NZ.

Lizzie founded Rollicking Entertainment Ltd in 2014 with her husband David. Their co-written original shows, blending theatre with illusion, sideshow and mind games now tour New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the UK to critical acclaim.

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