Rachel Sears Programmes Manager at The Court TheatreRachel Sears is the Programmes Manager (Education, Training and Jesters) here at The Court. Part of her job involves heading up the Education Department, where she’s lucky enough to meet young, passionate theatre lovers – and even gets to attends the theatre with some of them.

I love watching theatre and I feel so lucky that my job enables me to experience so much live performance.

You might think that The Court Theatre mainly attracts an older audience and generally you would probably be right, however I get to attend every show that The Court puts on with a wonderful group of super keen young theatre fans. Watching them watch theatre is such a treat for me. This group are part of The Court Ambassadors, a programme open to all secondary schools in Christchurch.

Each school is able to nominate two committed and passionate young theatre lovers to be part of the project each year. This group attend every show that The Court produces and spend time together before and after watching theatre to discuss, debate, learn new skills and get to know each other.

Before watching The Biggest together we discussed what the important issues in New Zealand are and what kind of theatre we would make to encourage discussion and attention was given to these issues.

In that hour of conversation and creative brainstorming three exciting new ideas were pitched – a musical exploring susbtance abuse, a hard hitting drama about growing up in poverty and being exposed to gang culture and, finally, a relatable story of searching for acceptance in your school community. If this group of passionate young theatre lovers are the future of our industry, we’re in safe hands. 

If you want to feel the energy these guys bring to the mainstage join us on the first Tuesday of every season - we’ll be sitting in the back two rows.

Court Theatre Ambassadors attending The Biggest together!

Our Court Theatre Ambassadors attending The Biggest (I'm taking the photo!)

The Ambassadors is just one element of our work with young people at The Court. To find out more, check out the Youth Education section of our website to learn about all the ways we engage with young creatives.

If you’re interested in getting involved with the Ambassadors programme or if it isn’t being run at your school already, get in touch with us at education@courttheatre.org.nz