Kick Start Your Play

In this course, you will be surrounded with like-minded people to help clarify your creative ideas and keep you determined throughout 2018. There will be four group sessions with The Court’s literary manager, one day long group session with actors to read extracts from your play and a couple of guest playwrights visiting. It’s a way to get stuck into that play idea you’ve had kicking around for a while now… but be warned, playwrighting ain’t for the fainthearted!

Each Tuesday session will include a 1 hour skills workshop plus 2 hours spent working with each other and The Court's Literary Manager on your specific project. 

Group Session  - Tuesday 6 March 6pm-9pm - What to include in your play. Big picture planning. Learn about each others ideas and backgrounds.

Group Session - Tuesday 27 March 6pm-9pm - Characterisation workshop. Outline planning.

Group Session - Tuesday 3 July 6pm-9pm - Dialogue Workshop. 1st draft review and next steps planning.

Group Session - Saturday 15 September - All day reading - 5 professional actors, extracts from each play are read aloud. 

Group Session - Tuesday 27 November 6pm-9pm - 2nd draft review and next steps. 


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